Chinese for Families Online Classes

At times, some of our classes will be offered online. Online classes continue along the same principles as our face to face classes with a major emphasis on interaction, engagement, structure and developing real language proficiency in a supportive learning community. Learning goals remain the same but there are some format changes to reflect the different nature of the online classroom.

Term fees also include access to either AI Story Time (Beginners and Continuers) or My First Chinese Reader online (Intermediate Levels 1 to 4). Parents and students will also have access to a locked class webpage containing learning resources, lesson plans and term overviews. No additional resources will need to be purchased. For information on our Chinese Text Creation and Extension classes please visit this page.

Class numbers: 3-8 students per class

Term 3 2020 Online Class Times and dates: 

Intermediate Level 4: Wednesday afternoons 5.00-6.15 (22 July to 23 Sept)

Detailed information is given below.