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家乐中文 Jiale Zhongwen means ‘Happy Family Chinese’ or ‘Everybody Happy Chinese’. The mission of Jiale Zhongwen is to provide creative and effective support to learners and teachers of Chinese as a second language.

As ‘Better Chinese Australia and New Zealand’, we are the Australian and New Zealand distributor for Better Chinese products.

Jiale Zhongwen Chinese for Families

Jiale Zhongwen Chinese for Families activity based interactive Mandarin classes for young children with little or no Chinese language background were started in 2008. The program expanded to include 8 different levels each with each own tailored program and methodology. Key components in all classes were 1) the extensive use of interactive and comprehensible spoken Chinese,  2) stories: listening to stories, reading stories and co-creating stories, and 3) an open ended approach to literacy development with a primary focus on reading comprehension. Hundreds of students passed through our classes with up to 60 concurrent students. Short term classes aimed at building fluency were also run on occasions for senior secondary students The project will conclude at the end of 2024.

Better Chinese Australia & New Zealand

Jiale Zhongwen is the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Better Chinese products. Better Chinese materials are ideal for teaching Chinese to children growing up in English speaking environments. Better Chinese offer over 200 colourful and engaging high quality resources with an emphasis on learning through stories and multimedia. The comprehensive range of materials span the full curriculum from kindergarten to university and adult learners and are well suited to the learning needs and interests of Australian and New Zealand children of all ages.

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